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Here are links on my posts in different languages. I made this translations because mashine-made Google translator just now is very far from ideal. So far that even my own hand-made 🙂 translations are better then mashine-made.

You may read four notes in my translation into English:


Khersoness museum at Spring


Spring at Sebastopol, ships, ruins and flowers

To the city and its environs came sunny and sparkling southern spring! Even ancient ruins of  former Greek colony Khersoness, which now are the big museum not far from the center of Sebastopol stands in flowers.


Молодежные фасоны и расцветки масок

Youth fasions of masks


Masks become a part of a «high fashion» in Ukraine — about outh fasions of masks

Swine flu free territory — with some photos of Kharkiv during epidemia.

And aslo there are three notes  at other languages

Kyiv girls in masks

Frances — Mesdames et Messieurs! à votre requêtes de recherche je me suis rendu que

les Français sont intéressés par ma ville natale de Kharkov.

Italiano alta-moda-durante-l’epidemia

Eksklyuzivny maski — Polsky

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