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Swine flu free territory

Flu mask haute couture

Anti-flu 'haute couture' mask, Ukraine

Kharkiv does not give up the epidemic, quarantine and TV panic. In contrast to the Chinese greeting, which has entered into vogue during a pandemic, «SARS», and became popular with the spread of influenza A/H1N1: «Do you drink vinegar today?», Kharkiv citizens ask each other:
«Have you heard an anecdote about a swine flu?»

Maxim Zhydko, Kharkiv psychologist (in an interview on ATN channal): «Any panic is a very energy-consuming experience … people need «cheering» and humor can serve this recharge.»

Swine flu free territory

Swine flu free territory

Let this few lines lift up your spirit:

Children’s movies — «The nurse and the Seven Dwarfs.

You can make 2 masks from swine flu of one women’s bra.

Masks disappeared from the pharmacies? Well, I have got a my own mask of «haute couture»! collection Winter 2009 ;)

Generally speaking, these pharmacies masks are chippie complete, such as for show — full of cracks alongside a nose and there is no good enough filtering! The best way is to use a building mask with a valve and with the P2 protection level, and even better respirators with protection P3 level!

Биологическая защита


Suits with complete protection from viruses!

And it’s true! Now I have got a gas mask WILLSON — (OptiFit) and spare cartridges for all types of accidents, up to the accident at the atomic plants!

In 10-15 the most «fashionable» clothing in the world will be suit full biological protection and individual oxygen cylinders in addition.

And the anecdote of the day: A small bus. Passangers sit in tension, breathing slowly through 4 layers of gauze masks. A man comes inside and begins to cough spasmodically. The people are badly irritating and grumbling.
A man: — Do not worry, it’s not a swine flue, it is only tuberculosis !


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