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Masks become a part of «high fashion» in Ukraine

How to succeed in business? A simple example — one person may have some idea and do nothing, while others implement their ideas in the mode of direct response to excessive demand. Look at Ukrainian designers!

Маска для леди

Model number 5

You can easily buy online at design masks of 9 different types. From Fashion Mask № 1 «Steel protection» (Reusable mask is made of 3-layer of medical gauze and elastic silk gray with metallic luster. Ideally combined with a strict style of clothing) to the Fashion Mask № 8 «Chanel» (Reusable mask is made of 3  layer of  medical gauze and branded lung Cotton «Chanel»). By the way, the idea of a Chanel № 8 model is cool!

The masks are simple and similar enough, they differ only in the meterial — silk or cotton, but  look how they suit to the models! 🙂

Such design mask are not very inexpensive, you may buy each of them for only 90 UAH  (11 USD). 🙂

Маска Шанель №8

I think the guy has time to remove the Chanel mask!

By the way, cheap masks are also sewn in every Ukrainian city, town and even small villidge (from under the government sticks), but their production is unlikely to give any profit — the wave of panic as to swine flu calm down in Ukraine for a while.


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