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Неизвестная Балаклава — Balaklava in Australia


Главная улица Балаклавы

В Австралии тоже есть Балаклава. Причина повышенного интереса в Британии и ее Содружестве к Крыму и его топонимам — отголоски Крымской войны, которая является одной из важных победоносных войн бывшей Британской империи. Вот что мне написал друг из Австралии:

IS BALACLAVA Melbourne’s worst train station? Балаклава — самая плохая жд станция в… Мельбурне))
Commuters — who fight for space on the narrow platforms, have no way of knowing when the next train will arrive and have little shelter from the rain — certainly think so.
The “shabby” station has been labelled the “worst in Melbourne
I think the above text describes Balaclava in Australia not anything like the beautiful areas in the Ukraine. I did not realised that it was such a peculiar place never having ventured there.
Basically it is a fairly small area but with a very large population. First there is an area  that is entirely Jewish, they dress in the usual Jewish black clothes and long coats almost to the floor,
The men mostly have beards. It is an area where I did not walk as I was obviously been regarded as a stranger who was not wanted there, So I did not take any pictures. Then there is an area where I certainly did not go, broken down houses, boarded up windows and what looked like  the entire population of unemployed rednecks living on crime and government money handouts. I looked it up and find that it has a very high street crime,
assaults and murders on the street. This is because of two families who run the drugs and prostitute trade, so I kept well out of there.
Then there is a mall area in the centre which one could say  is normal obviously a strong cafe society and an strong ethnic community, I think the children where ar some kind of Polish ceremony but they may have been some other  nationality.
Anyway not a place I will be visiting again!!! (Это — не то место, где я бы хотел побывать еще раз)))

These do not really give the feeling of what this contrasting part is really like but I am sure you can sense the difference. Did not take pictures as did not feel safe to do it. We have had several cases of people getting irate when someone took a picture of them in the view as it is illegal to take an image of some one whithout their permission, Crazy country and silly privacy laws now!!

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  1. aziz permalink
    27.03.2011 13:55

    Балаклава – маленький городок на берегу Черного моря. Его знают во всем мире: именем Балаклавы названы улицы, бульвары и станции метро в Англии, Франции и Турции, населенные пункты в Австралии и на острове Маврикий

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