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Opinion about 25 years term of the Black Sea Fleet

Вид на Севастопольскую бухту

Sebastopol bay and one ship

Extension of term of 25 years of the Black Sea Fleet on the territory of our country means a systematic surrender of Ukranian national sovereignty for the sake of Kremlin’s appetite. This was announced by chairman of the Ukrainian Union «Freedom» Oleg Tyagnibok.

«Those political, economic, energy, information, financial, diplomatic, historical wars which Moscow led with Ukraine from the beginning of our independence were ended up with surrendering national sovereignty of Ukraine.

The formal reason for putting national sovereignty have become non profitable for Ukraine gas agreements in January 2009 signed by a Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. «Freedom» warned that the policy of flirting with Moscow will bring Ukraine to fatal consequences for giving an small finger to the Kremlin will lead to missing the whole arm to the elbow. This did not understand Yushchenko and Tymoshenko, who play with the Kremlin to «strategic partners» trading national interests. Obviously, Yanukovych does not understand this: yesterday he gave highly enriched uranium, today — national sovereignty, tomorrow will give Moscow a mockery of all Ukrainian people.

In terms of national interests to continue the Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine is unacceptable. Yanukovych had no legal rights to sign such documents. Ukraine Constitution clearly stipulates that «at the territory of Ukraine  it is not allowed location of foreign military bases. This article of the Constitution can be changed only two-thirds of the Parliament and only after the approval of a national referendum.

Presidential party may claim that agreement signed by Yanukovych will bring stability to our state, and economic benefits of peace with Russia, but in reality, Ukraine will have chaos, pillage and war. Because Russia does not stop, until finally return Ukraine under its yoke.»

At the opinion of Oleg Tyagnibok V. Yanukovych will return to Kiyev as a vassal, clamed Moskow his sovereign. Or at the opinion of another politician «as a prefect of South-West Russian area».

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