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Bilingual site about Fish Larvae of Black sea


Vdodovich IrinaThe purpose of our research is to work out and develop a data base for designing a system of estimation of monitoring observations over the changes in ichthyoplankton trophic structure for more than 50 year period, including studying of changes in the specific structure and seasonal dynamics of ichthyoplankton in the southwest coast of Crimea (the Sevastopol bay) in conditions of anthropogenous and climatic impact on the Sea biota.

The main cause of making such information resource is the necessity to generalize the data obtained during long-term investigation of trophic chains of the Black Sea ichthyoplankton in the coastal waters near Sevastopol (from 1955 to 2009).

It should be noted much attention has been given to ichthyoplankton investigation at the IBSS.Since 1960s L.A. Duka, V.I. Sinukova and R.P. Pavlovskaj thoroughly investigated larvae fish feeding, their feeding rhythms and selectivity of the families of Engraulis Encrasicholus L.; Callionymus; Gobiidae, Blenniidae, Lepadogaster, Trachurus Mediterraneus Ponticus Aleev, Diplodus Annularis/Linne/, Mullus barbatus ponticus Essipov.

Daily diets were calculated at various concentrations of fodder organisms in the sea and amount of feeding of the basic forms of zooplankton.

Lipskaj N. J during the same period investigated in detail the diet of Mullus barbatus ponticus Essipov.Since 1980s food chains of the Black Sea fish larvae were studied by Tkach A.V. Since 2002 up to the present the feeding of the Black Sea fish larvae has been studied by Vdodovich I.V.

Generalization and analysis of the long-term data on feeding of fish larvae of the Sevastopol bay have not been made since 70s of the last century.

All data file on feeding of fish larvae during the period from 1955 to 2000 could be found only in papers. In order to systematize, generalize and analyze the long-term data on of fish larvae feeding of the coastal waters of Sevastopol it was necessary to develop database (DB) and put the data from IBSS archive into it. The developed database «Feeding of fish larvae of the coastal waters of Sevastopol» is the first one in Ukraine which can be used as a basis for estimation of biological diversity, ichthyoplankton trophic structure and ecological condition of biota pelagial of the Black Sea. It can also be used for working out a strategy of rational use and protection of ichthyofauna

Developpers of DB:

Vdodovich Irina, Project director, PhD of Department of the ecology of benthos

Padyash Katherina, DB programming, Web-developer

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