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Extreme frosts on the eve of the New Year


New Year will come to Siberia in conditions of extreme frosts. In the northern half of the region the kingdom of frost stability will spread  under the influence of the Arctic anticyclone. Night air will  be frozen to -40 … -45 °, in Evenkia to -55 °, and during the day it will «warm up» only to -35 … -40 °.
In southern Siberia on the eve of the New Year will be sYakutsk, frostsnow and this will soften the frosts to «only»-12 … -17 °C, in some places even to comfortable -5 … -10 °. But in the New Year’s night the Arctic frosts will come here while snow cyclone  pass to the east. After him will move cold anticyclone from North which creates conditions for additional cooling of the atmosphere. As a result, in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the New Year night  become colder (-32 … -37 °), and on the night of January 2, the frost will increase to -45 °!

In the Baikal region since Dec. 25 people every day make the feat (the ones who crawled outside the doors). The temperature there is kept at 12-15 degrees below the long-term average. New Year’s days in the region will remain at the mercy of severe frosts: at night up t0 -35 … -40 °, in some places — up to -48 °, in the northern regions — up to -52 ° C!

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