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Northeaster in Washington DC


The so-called northeaster which started with heavy rain in Florida last week and showered snow over Washington DC for 12 hours starting late Friday, swept north through Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

It dumped up to 60 centimetres of snow in Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston, and was headed offshore by late Sunday, reported. The previous record in December for snowfall in Washington was 31 centimetres in 1932.

Shopping malls closed throughout the mid-Atlantic region on the normally busy, last shopping weekend before Christmas, cutting into already struggling retail sales.

Bitter cold weather was expected to persist through the coming week, making it likely snow will remain in many places until Friday, when Christmas is celebrated across the US, weather forecasters said.

School children in the Washington DC area celebrated the prospect of cancellations reaching into Monday and even Tuesday in outlying regions. The US government announced offices will remain closed in Washington on Monday to keep the city free of traffic for the cleanup.

Washington’s bus services were suspended, resumed on Sunday afternoon, only to be shut down again Sunday evening because of ice. Most Metrorail train service remained suspended to above-ground stations because of ice on the tracks through most of Sunday.

Washington’s three airports — Baltimore-Washington International, Dulles and Reagan — closed, as did Philadelphia airport and Boston’s Logan Airport, and flights slowly started resuming on Sunday.

About 25 centimetres fell on New York City. Parents abandoned buggies and popped their kids onto sleds, pulling them into Central Park for sledding, where cross country skiers and joggers were out in full force. Fifty centimetres of snow fell on Long Island to the east of Manhattan.

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  1. 18.01.2010 07:15

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    Спросили француза, тот сбегал в библиотеку, просмотрел там каталоги и пообещал выучить за год.
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